Join our Progressive and proven Krav Maga Instructor education. The Course are used worldvide and taught by professionals who are educated in Israel and other places where realistic and effective solutions are used.
The Krav Maga Survival Organisation and the Tactical Survival Training has been used to certify Military officers and train special forces for many years.
The progression can be used directly in your school or learned and trained in special direct courses with our instructor team.años 20 hombre disfraz cheap yeezys Bonnets rugby corner дамски памучен чорапогащник callaway reva femme ćwiczenia na rowerze polaroid κάμερα cheap yeezys nike daybreak uomo tapis de reception gonflable raptor brandon aiyuk jersey youth suport tableta bord Bonnets rugby corner años 20 hombre disfraz converse blanche et doré
If you are doing traditional martial arts and want add on serious and realistic self defence, doing Krav Maga and need a higher level or simply starting all new, you will solutions to take you to the highest level.
Also in terms of trainingscamps, special seminars or VIP training, you will find the best solution available here.


  • Continued progressive education on the highest level.
  • Best experts available.
  • Special Package Solutions for clubs
  • Proven solution using international standard
  • Highest level of certification by international masters.
  • Discounts on merchandise, special seminars & camps.
  • Strong community of experts for uptimized cooperation.
  • One Partner for all aspects of the federation, new members and running the club.




You pick your own level of engagement and how fast you want to learn. Quality always on the highest level. If you prefer more individual attention, also an option! choose your solution already now!


BASIC, FULL, MAIN & EXPERT Instructor. Highest level of Expert instructors, progressing you through your way to success! our solution has been tested for many years and prooven to be superior by especially Prisonworkers, Socialworker, Firefighters, Security- and Military Personnel (including focus on officers and Special Forces).



Developped by Pedagogues, Academics and Martial Arts Professional to gather the best ideas and experience. For sure the best active formular to create attentative and well trained youngsters who have realistic self-confidence and know how to handle the world on their specific level!

Krav Maga Survival SUMMERCAMP every year a MUST for all participants and interested Partners who wants to connect to international Masters and other clubs or get new social contacts.

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