There are a number of ways to learn more…
Choose your plan Instructor, Grading or become a Blackbelt

You start by doing student-gradings or have enough experience from Krav Maga or other martial arts, than you can join in directly on the instructor course. It is our job to educate and train you to optain your goals!!

Basic Instrcutors help a higher Level instructor to teach or is in the making of his/her own club/team. The Full instructor works with the whole student syllabus and can grade until blackbelt.

Blackbelts are only graded by the Chief-Instructor or on his direct instruction. A black belt has achived higher knowledge and is ready to continue his/her education as Main Instructor and continue to further dan gradings.

START your training and education NOW. The whole Team is ready to progress you through this tested and appriciated education programme.