The basic ideas of Krav Maga Survival are mainly based on concepts from Israeli hand-to-hand combat masters, including Krav Maga קרב מגע, this together with knowledge from more traditional Full contact and more modern martial arts styles is the basis of KRav Maga Survival and the Tactical Survival Training.

The founder Taiyo and some instructors and counselors closely associated with Krav Maga Survival had another great influence on the basic techniques.

Presenting Krav Maga in Hamburg 2002

The Tactical Survival Training solution is continuously improved by excellent technical advisors. The students and their own Krav Maga Survival instructors are encouraged to contribute their ideas and help to develop the best techniques for the Krav Maga Survival solution. The solution was founded in recognition of the Israeli masters, who put the ideas they developed themselves and their own experiences into one concept, which ultimately became an instrument for their target group. With the advent of the internet and today’s possibilities of communication, the founders of Krav Maga Survival have invested a lot of time to complement the approaches of the old masters with better techniques or already existing systems. An important and fundamental idea is to make Tactical Survival Training accessible to everyone who has the right attitude and deserves to be taught – and thus NOT to use religion, political belief or gender as a criterion.

During one of our World Tours, meeting with old friends/Masters Amir Perets (USA), Mihran Aghvinian (Armenia) & Eli Leffler (Israel).

Furthermore, the solution must be accessible to everyone regardless of their personal economic background. It is also a basic idea to keep the techniques lawful. This means that in addition to the “normal” Krav Maga techniques, Tactical Survival Training is based on a solution that uses “proportional use of force”. Fight only with the means you have to use – but be sure to always have the upper hand during the argument. Tactical Survival, is also considered an idea in the Krav Maga Survival solution. The idea here is “have a plan before you get into trouble – or best of all, learn to avoid getting into trouble. Krav Maga Survival and the organization are doing what they can to keep in touch with the Grand Masters and your extreme knowledge and developments. This continuously integrates the best techniques from all existing Krav Maga systems as well as traditional and modern martial arts. This is the Krav Maga Survival solution: “The creation and further development of the most accessible solution for realistic – easy to learn – hand-to-hand combat training for professionals and civilians”. Taiyo, 2006

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