Kids Instructor


The course is based on REAL need for youngsters. The Defense is adapted to their potential skills. Smart working and preparedness is far more effective than being strong! The Solution has been taught successfully in cooperation with Kindergarten and schools for more than 10 years. Become a hichly successful KIDS-Instructor and know the best techniques available.

Personal- and group exercises with highly trained instructors are the key to success!

Even against bigger and stronger kids, there is a away to “survive”. Attention and prevention are the main goals, self-confidence and having the correct technique can be a last resort!

Besides from “normal” selfdefense training also training in “First aid” and “How to handle emergencies” are incorporated into the training. Having a good time in a safe environment is the basis for a good education.


You can also find the basic knowledge in the official Krav Maga Survival Self-confidence and Self-assertion for kids book!