Krav Maga Survival is a further development of the existing Israeli Krav Maga style. The Krav Maga Survival builds on the old, traditional Krav Maga styles, but includes some new elements from the rapidly growing sport of free fighting. Krav Maga Survival is based on Imi Lichtenfeld’s basic idea of ​​developing a realistic and simple close combat system that is very effective and yet easy to learn. The ideas that we have implemented in the Krav Maga Survival come from extremely experienced masters.

The main instructors of the Krav Maga Survival combine the ideas and thoughts of very experienced people they have met on their travels around the world. They stop in Israel, Russia, Turkey, the USA, Africa and many other places. Krav Maga Survival is well organized and divided into different branches around the world. A permanent search for the most suitable techniques, combined with experienced trainers and numerous guest instructors who give seminars in Europe and the USA, ensure a solid foundation and allow us to constantly learn new things in order to let our organization grow.