Different people have different needs in terms of their physical fitness, size, age, gender or mobility, just to name a few examples. The solutions that Krav Maga Survival offers are simple and tailored to the needs of each individual. What works for one will not work for the next. That is why the aim of Krav Maga Survival is to support each individual in finding the best path for them. A wide variety of trainers support you through their different approaches to training.

In the Krav Maga Survival, every technique is based on a simple idea: K.I.S.S. (keep it simple an stupid). In our opinion, solutions should be based on natural reflexes, as this ensures that the reaction time is kept to a minimum and yet easy to implement. The techniques are constantly repeated in Krav Maga Survival so that they become routine (according to a study, it takes about 66 days for an action to become a habit).

Krav Maga Survival is a “stand up” solution as fighting on the ground is extremely dangerous and must be prevented at all costs. However, our instructors and master class students learn the techniques for fighting on the ground because we believe that the need is there and they have the skills and experience to deal with it. At Krav Maga Survival, we absolutely rely on practical solutions and use every free minute to apply what we have learned. In our view, learning to survive is more important than honoring traditional gestures. Krav Maga Survival does not claim to offer the ultimate solution. In our opinion and experience this doesn’t exist anyway. This is also the reason why we are adding new techniques to our program and also removing some. We use this to integrate full contact fights into our training, such as boxing, kickboxing or knock-down karate, in order to ensure the highest level of realism.

In the practical training units of Krav Maga Survival we use elements of knock-down karate and traditional boxing. The correct fighting movements and the ability to cope with the physical and psychological stress of a “contact fight” (Krav Maga) are learned. Strategies and tactics against single and multiple opponents in different situations (e.g. car, bus, plane, etc.) are taught. The solution is based on standing fighting techniques. Ground combat is only part of the instructor and master’s program.

The reason for the focus on the standing combat situation is that the ground fight in a fight without rules (on the street and possibly with several opponents) could be fatal, even against a physically inferior opponent. Such an opponent could, for example, kick hard to the head or use a weapon even more effectively / dangerously (e.g. stone / ashtray) if one is not mobile. Furthermore, almost all police officers and soldiers are not really “dressed” well for ground combat, as they can hardly move on the ground with their equipment (belt / belt) and often cannot even play a simple role without getting injured. – That is why all students learn in intensive training how to avoid falling to the ground.

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